Escape to Athens with Paul! – Annoucement and Request for Help from Kingdom Kids

Imagine leaving a life of privilege and power to face angry mobs, painful imprisonment, and chain-breaking earthquakes—all to spread the life-changing truth of God’s love. Learn the jaw-dropping story of the Apostle Paul straight from Paul himself! In an ancient “anything goes” culture, Paul will inspire kids to share the truth of God’s immeasurable love today!

General News

VCOC Parenting Workshop – I’ll Need You – June 8th, 2013

We all have wants and needs that have shaped us to be the people we are today. Sometimes it can be challenging to tell the difference between which of these powerful forces are driving us. When it comes to parenting we can mistake what we want for what our children really need. Come and join us as we ask questions and explore some of these issues that affect our parenting and our children.