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Jan 20 2013

2013.01.20 – Brian Felushko – Building Up Our Faith

Brian Felushko shares about a time to build up our faith and the stages we go through in our faith – Believing God’s Word, Trusting in God’s Nature, Choosing to Obey God’s Commands. How can we have faith in God through our trials?

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Dec 02 2012

2012.12.02 – Brian Felushko – A Time to Build Up Our Families & God’s Church

Brian Felushko preaches about building up our families and the church in the second in a three-part series about “A Time to Build Up”, our theme for 2013.

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Sep 24 2012

Vancouver Church of Christ

2012.09.23 – Congregational Shepherding Team Sharing

The VCOC Congregational Shepherding team, made up of the Chans, Tanlimcos, Gollands, Reimers and Felushkos, shared today about some specific goals they want to see result from the church’s increased focus on shepherding in the church. Here is a summary of some of the things they shared about.

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Sep 16 2012

Vancouver Church of Christ

2012.09.16 – Brian Felushko – Update on 2020 Vision

Brian Felushko is talking today about the new plans for Shepherding in the church as part of our 2020 Vision, which includes: 1) Living within our means, 2)
Create a Shepherding Network and 3) Developing Regional Ministries.

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