1. Matthew 5:17

  • Law and Prophets. What does this describe?
  • What is Jesus saying he will do?
  • What Jesus did completely fulfilled all the goals, dreams, shadows, types and prophecies of the Old Testament.

2. Matthew 4:13-17; Matthew 4:23; Mark 1:15

  • What was Jesus main message? The kingdom, the gospel of the Kingdom
  • If his life and work would fulfill the Law and the Prophets and his message was the Kingdom, what does that tell us?

2. Exodus 19:5-6

  • Who is this referring to?
  • What kind of kingdom did God want his people to be?  What is true of a kingdom? What is true of priests?
  • Did Israel become what God wanted them to be and fulfill his dream?

3. 1 Peter 2:9-11

  • Who is this written to?
  • How did Jesus fulfill what God wanted as described back in Exodus 19?
  • How does scripture describe the church?  (1) chosen people (2) royal (“kingdom”) priesthood  (3) holy nation  (4) people belonging to God.

4. Isaiah 2:1-4

  • If “the mountain of the Lord’s temple” describes the Kingdom of God and the other mountains describe the kingdoms of this world, what is this passage  teaching?
  • What are some things that will be true of this kingdom?

5. Isaiah 9:6-7

  • What kind of kingdom language do we find in this passage?
  • What is unusual about the names given to the one who is coming to establish his reign?

6. Isaiah 11:1-9

  • What will be true of the person God is going to send?
  • What will be true of his “holy mountain.” (his kingdom).

7. Luke 17:20-21; Matthew 12:27-28

  • How does he fulfill Isaiah 2:2?  Isaiah 9:6?  Isaiah 6:9?

9. Matthew 6:9-10

  • Have you heard this prayer? Have you prayed it? What did you think it meant?
  • What does it mean to let the kingdom come to your life? Notice parallel (“your kingdom come/your will be done on earth as it is in heaven”)

10. Matthew 6:33

  • What does it mean to seek first God’s kingdom?
  • What is the promise for those who do this?

11. Philippians 3:20

  • How does this completely change our thinking about how to live?
  • How may we be viewed if we live like this? (1 Peter 2.11)
  • Is the kingdom something you want to enter and be part of?

12. John 3:1-5

  • What has to happen to enter the Kingdom?
  • Are you eager to keep study and find out how do this?