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Heng Look · August 14, 2017 at 12:03 pm


Awesome sermon on our need and the practicals of Small Groups! Thank you!

Yes, people need to know what we’re really like in order for them to really like us!

Yes, it is more important to be known by *someone* than to be known for *something*.

Yes, we can’t really do the loving one another as Christ loved us in only a *big church* setting. We need a small group setting in order to do some of that loving, especially for the transparent/ugly stuff!
*Minor quibble*: I prefer the use of *big church* over *church* when referring to large church gatherings. Seeing as I view Small Groups as really a church gathering for a small group.

Proposed ABC modification :
*Action* instead of *Accountability*. I don’t want the emphasis of our Small Groups to start with Accountability, as that has so many negative associations from both our ICOC history as well as general North American usage. Action also is a more positive and powerful word that I want to be associated with our Small Groups. We want to be in each others’ corners spurring each other on towards love and good deeds in Action and not simply in intention. Accountability is also more backward looking (in my mind) whereas Action is present & forward looking.

In Christ, through whom we can be truly known and still loved,

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