Jul 30 2017

Vancouver Church of Christ

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2017.07.30 – Matt Rollins – Transparent Pt. 1


Transparent Pt. 1

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  1. Anonymous

    Hi Matt,

    Just listened the Transparent message today. I appreciate your insights from John 17. I have never seen this perspective of the passage as Jesus’ reflection on his life work and His small group of His followers was the highlight of all His works on earth! Thank you for the reminder that our love for one another in Christ is the powerful influence to impact others for God.
    The funny and honest examples of our behaviors when it comes to up close and personal relationship made me laugh so hard and yet I felt convicted at the same time!
    Thank you for keeping us focus on Jesus!

    In Christ,

    Diem Tu

  2. Heng Look

    Hey Matt.

    Thanks for the message. It was a great reminder that God wants us to let go of owning the outcome and hold on to the trust of obeying his commands. Too often I get wigged out into thinking that it’s all up to me or to our little Vancouver group of misfits to win the city and cascadingly win the region of the world around us. Looking forward to more practicals on getting transparent so that we can truly learn to love the believers God intentionally put close around us.

    In Christ’s powerfully transparent love,

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